Southern California Auto Auction | FONTANA, CA

Auto Auction open to the public in Ontario, CA serving San Bernardino, Fontana and Los Angeles.


1304 Mildred Street, Ontario, CA 91761
 Every Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Times:
Inspection from 8:00 am to 11:00 am, Live auction starts at 11:00 am
Sunday Times:
 Inspection from 9:00am to 12:00pm, Live auction starts at 12:00pm

All buyers can inspect the vehicles on the day of sale prior to the start of the auction. All Buyers must be 18 years or older.

Must be 18 years or older to register to bid. Please present a valid driver's license or valid govt issued photo identification at registration. Minors must be accompanied by Parent or Legal Guardian. For our terms of service please visit our Terms and Conditions Page.

Registration Process

Buyers Are Eligible To Bid

  • We DO NOT require a DEALER LICENSE to register and bid on a vehicle.
  • All you need to register is a Picture ID
  • No Need to pre-register. You can register the day of the auction.
  • It is completely free to register to bid with us NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED

Payment Methods We Accept

We accept cash, debit cards and major credit cards. (NO CHECKS)

Registration Terms

Inspection/Registration/Bidding /Buying procedures
Bidders are encouraged to pre-register the day before the auction. Bidders can also register on the day of the event. All buyers can inspect the vehicles on the day specified by the auction and on the day of sale at 9 am prior to the start of the auction. All Buyers must be 18 years or older.To bid on a vehicle raise your bidder card number and make sure it is being seen by the auctioneer team. Once your bid is won, the Auctioneer will call out your bidder # to be documented. Please make sure any errors to the # called off are called out to the Auctioneer.

Minimum Bids
Any City, County, State and Law enforcement vehicles will auctioned off with no minimum bid.

Payment Balance
Accepted forms of payment include cash or cashier's checks that are pre approved. Buyer shall pay a 15% Buyer Premium on all purchases and a $85.00 documentation processing fee, per the regulations of the State of California Department of Motor Vehicle Services.Sales

Tax/DMV/Title & Registration
Per California State regulations, appropriate sales tax percentage shall be based on the county in which the vehicle will be registered. Sales tax is collected on behalf of the California State Board of Equalization. Non resident buyers will be taxed based on the county in which the Auction is held, which is San Bernardino County. Our Auction will process all DMV paperwork for the Buyer. The DMV fee is not considered state sales tax and is used to register your vehicle to drive in California state and City roads. All DMV processing shall require 60 to 90 days from the date of sale to process; as such we ask your patience pending the arrival of your documents. For any reason if your documents are not received within this time, the vehicle can be driven with the temporary registration that we provide you with before you leave the auction with your vehicle. All California and non-resident vehicle fees are estimated. As such any additional amounts owed are the Buyer's responsibility and any fees estimated over the owed amount shall be refunded to the Buyer by the Auction.

Refund Policy
If the individual whose signature is on this contract defaults of the final payment, the said Buyer may request a refund under the following terms: A forfeit amount of twenty five percent (25%) of the bid price, plus the documentation preparation fee and any storage or other related costs incurred. A breakdown of the fees due will be given to the Buyer, at which time he/she will have the opportunity to pay any outstanding balances due, or if the payment in Buyer's account exceeds this amount, then a refund will be provided to the Buyer within 10 business days for the forfeit default date.All Vehicles are sold "AS IS" with no expressed or implied warranties.

All Auctions are videotaped and will be conducted with armed security.

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